DemandLine Client

The DemandLine Client resides on your network, acting as a translator between your ERP software and the companies you do business with.

For customers, it synchronizes their requirements with your order book; sends them expected delivery dates; and lets them know when parts and materials leave your dock.

For suppliers, it sends your POs to your DemandLine Server for suppliers to pick up; updates your POs with expected supplier delivery dates; and handles incoming shipment notifications to streamline your receiving.

The DemandLine Client keeps records of all its activities and even stores and analyzes historical data such as customer schedule changes for you to respond to.


Analyzing Changes

Sometimes you need to see the story of how customer requirements have changed over time in order to understand the full picture. The DemandLine Client saves a snapshot each time it downloads a customer’s requirements and compares it to the prior snapshot. All changes between the two are accessible to you in an easy-to-use interface that allows you to investigate at the part or material level. You can even compare multiple snapshots over time to see how a customer’s requirements have fluctuated.

Custom Reports

If you have ideas for reports and analysis that you’d like to have done each time an important action happens in the DemandLine Client, we can build them in for you. Examples include:

  • Showing how your work orders and pass-through POs align against customer requirements
  • Recording mismatches between your commits and customer due dates
  • Showing where your suppliers’ delivery dates fail to meet your due dates


Your staff can tell the DemandLine Client to send them emails when important events happen. Each person can specify exactly which notifications they want to receive based on customer, supplier, and type of action. That way the most important people know when a customer’s requirements couldn’t be downloaded, an ASN couldn’t be created, a supplier failed to refresh their commits, or any of a number of other events.

What's Exchanged

  • PO requirements from your customers, which are used to update your order book
  • Commits, which are sent to your customers based on stock, WIP, and planned production data in your ERP software
  • Shipment notifications, which are sent to your customers based on your packing list activity

Managing Exceptions

We built DemandLIne to allow you to focus on managing exceptions while it handles the rest. For this reason, DemandLine comes with reporting and analysis tools that inform you when important events – such as near-term changes to your customers’ demand or problems with shipments – need attention. DemandLine can also send emails to the appropriate personnel for highly time-sensitive events.

Under Your Control

The DemandLine Client application runs and stores its data on your server. You control when, how often, and how it should interact with your ERP software. If you would like to create custom reports we will provide documentation and assistance for working with the DemandLine Client’s API.