DemandLine Network

The DemandLine Network is the backbone of the DemandLine suite. It’s an always-on service that resides on our servers and is used by the DemandLine Client to exchange data with your customers. We take responsibility for keeping it secure and available, and update it whenever your customers make changes to their systems in order to minimize interruptions to your business.


We take your security seriously. The DemandLine Network uses OAuth over SSL with public/private key signing to protect all communication with the DemandLine Client that’s installed on your servers. Doing so means that your communications are more secure via the DemandLine Network than they are when you sign in to your customers’ portals via a web browser.


The DemandLine Network has been up and running since 2010. In that time, it has experienced 0 days of downtime. While it can’t prevent customers’ systems from being unavailable, the DemandLine Network can let you know about customer outages via email notifications so that you can have the DemandLine Client retry transactions when their systems are back up.


The data from your customers’ systems comes in many different formats and configurations. The DemandLine Network intelligently normalizes their data so that it’s in the same format no matter which customer it came from. This means that you can implement one solution in the DemandLine Client that works for multiple customers.