SupplyLine makes your POs, amendments, and releases available to your suppliers on the internet. It also allows your suppliers to enter commit information and create ASNs when they ship to you.

SupplyLine communicates with your ERP software to pick up changes you make to your POs automatically. If your ERP software supports it, SupplyLine will also update supplier commits and enter supplier-created ASNs.


Purchase Orders

SupplyLine receives your POs, amendments, and releases from your ERP software on a regularly-scheduled basis. It normalizes this data and makes it available for your suppliers to retrieve via the internet or by using the DemandLine Network so that they can directly update their ERP software. Doing so reduces your workload, shortens the time it takes for your requirements to get to your suppliers, and ensures that your requirements arrive accurately.


Suppliers enter or send their stock levels and scheduled production to SupplyLine. That information is then used to update your ERP software so that you can see when your suppliers expect to deliver.

Shipment Notifications

When your suppliers ship parts to you, they can create an ASN in SupplyLine. SupplyLine provides labels for your supplier to include as barcodes on the boxes they send to you. These barcodes can be scanned by your receiving department to automatically receive shipments, eliminating data entry.

SupplyLine can also help control your inventory levels by rejecting supplier shipments if the supplier is trying to ship items to you too early.


Robot Morning hosts SupplyLine for you, reducing your maintenance costs and ensuring that your data is always available to your suppliers.